Privacy Policy

PicFlux seeks by all available means to ensure the security and transparency of use of the site. Hereby we inform users about what kind of user's information may be available to our site as well as on how the obtained information may be used.

We do not collect information aimed at identification or definition of specific individuals - users. However, during the operation of the site, and as a result of the actions of users on the use of its services, certain information about users becomes available and end use of the list of which are given below.

We also use the function of remarketing Google Analytics. Remarketing in Google Analytics allows to return users who have previously visited the site, with the help of specially designed for them ads on other sites. For remarketing is used a third-party cookie from DoubleClick. With it in the Display Network provides remarketing in products such as AdWords. User can disable the cookie file system Google by visiting the off page of cookie. To change or disable the use of Google Analytics user can also use the Google Ads Preferences Manager blocker or Google Analytics. Description of Google advertising services and documentation for their use can be found on the website of Google.

Your personal information including e-mail address can not be transferred to third parties, affiliates and marketing contractors. This information may be used only with your consent and only by PicFlux solely for marketing purposes.

Privacy Policy may be changed. All the changes made to this document will be published on this page. If you have additional questions or concerns about the Privacy policy you are able to contact us with a Relevant Request.