Things That You Need To Know About Copyrighted Images

Nov 15, 2016

Things that you need to know about copyrighted images

The word copyright can be quite confusing for the layman when you are dealing with stock photography. There are many budding web designers, graphics designers and web developers. And they may have little idea of copyrighted images, and may just start using any image they like on the internet by simply copying it, uploading it, and letting it be like that. And this may get unnoticed for days if you are lucky. But if trouble is in your destiny, then you may get sued instantly for using a copyrighted image without buying the license once this is discovered. That is why you got to be extra cautious while selecting your images online.

How to select your graphics designs and photos online

Well there are a few simple steps to do that. But before you get into that, decide if you are willing to spend money on the license, or just want some freebies. If you want to get free pictures, then there are ways to do that. You need to find your image on Google or your favorite search engine. And for that you won’t be charged also. With a free search of your keyword, while setting your preferences in the advanced search settings you would get access to all the free images available online that are royalty free, free to download, and can be used anytime and anywhere.

However, this method do not filters the images. You would get repeat images a lot. That’s because the free image that one user obtained from one site was used again in another site or project, and this process went on repeated so many times until you again searched it as the nth user. Imagine how many repeat copies of the same image you may be getting in this method! Moreover, filtering the resolution and size are other hurdles, which you need to come off by entering more preferences into the advanced search settings of your search engine.

A much improved way to find your preferred images

A better and much hassle free way is there. You would love to know that there are websites offering royalty-free images. And these sites would not charge you a dime for any. In fact you may get free images for the life, and with a guarantee of the best resolution. They understand well that after being in the middle of a web or graphics development and after searching for the apt image for hours you won’t be in the mood for resolution filtering, cutting and resizing images. That is why the best free images are provided in resolutions that is paralleled with the resolution of the high quality stock photos.

In fact you would also get stock images from the same sources, if you look further. You may have to invest, but there are sites offering high quality, high resolution, superior stock photos at a cost which you would be happy to pay for getting its license for the life. No more renewal of licenses and no more expiration date will hang in your mind once you buy your rights. 

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