How To Choose Between Free Pictures And Copyrighted Stock Photos

Nov 15, 2016

How to choose cetween free pictures and copyrighted stock photos

The role of copyrights is really high in protecting your creation, your content, and your rights. If you have taken a photograph, or written a book, and it gets stolen, and someone else uses it without your consent while taking all name, fame and revenue for that, how disgusted you may feel? That is the same feeling other creators and artists also feel when people use their stuff without permission. Hence the copyright act came into existence to protect rights of all people who are in some way creating content. And when you are dealing in graphics, it’s extremely important that you understand the importance of the license and take this seriously. Or you may land up in the jail, or pay heavy penalties for using content without permission.

Your choices while selecting graphics for download and use

When you are going to buy graphics you would see that you have apparently two choices. One choice offer free stock photos, which you may download and use as you wish. And then there will be graphics with copyrights, which you would be able to use only when you buy its license. It may cost small or big depending on actually how much the owner of the graphics is asking for. Here the store or shop has little to do, but they still would offer you the best possible graphics in the price range you are looking for.

Now it’s your choice if you want to go with the royalty-free images or the licensed stock photos. However using the free items always tempts, and there would be more fingers raised for the free pictures, until you know that there are some conditions with many free pictures. The condition is that, you are allowed to use that picture anywhere and any number of times always, till it’s a non commercial use, and also not used in certain themes or discussion or projects that are unfit for public viewing or objectionable or controversial topics.

How to buy your image license

Once you know that you may change your mind, and rather enquire for the licensed images. The licensed images and stock photos are available for all once you pay for the license.

To buy your licensed images you would have to find some stock photo selling site online. Most stock photography is copyrighted, and depending on photo quality and resolution and format the price would vary. Vector graphics may cost more, and even quality photos may cost more. However when making good graphical designs, you should not compromise on quality.

The benefit of lifetime license

There is a great benefit given by some good sellers of stock photography online. The license you are given is not required to be renewed. This means the license has no expiry date, and once bought you my use the image forever. This is good for images that are put on websites. To make the best choice start surfing now, and read on the facilities you get with the deal to choose the best deal.

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