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The best online source of stock photography? 

The internet can often seem like it is cursed by its own wealth in a world where anything can now be searched to produce an abundance of answers for us to then try and navigate.

This is more true than ever when it comes to social media and one of the hardest parts of blog writing can often be sifting through this excess to find suitable stock images to use as the pièce de résistance which will individualize and provide your article with the desired delivery in style and tone.

One of the latest websites to step into this bloated marketplace is PicFlux.com which offers free photos and vector graphics for both royalty free images to be used commercially and personal projects alike, but does it actually present good value and how does it differ from its competitors?

Digital content:

It features over 10000 free photo downloads that are instantly available in high resolution (with no watermarking) from the image gallery and this is only the beginning of the free material on offer with claims that over 45 million stock images are readily available for all of your creative design needs including vector images, illustrations and viral images in addition to the stock photography.


The website has a clean modern look which makes navigation intuitive and makes use of action buttons inserted into the individual photo frames within the gallery that allows for quick download.

An internal search engine is also available for use within the gallery, the results then being able to be ordered according to a range of criteria from drop down menus but it’s the use of limited but broad ranging subcategories that I particularly found useful, with free use of lightboxes to quickly create personalized photo galleries and store images into further layers of organisation for quick future access.

Image Quality:

There is a professionalism that you would expect from any premium website, not only offering a reliable user interface via it’s smooth architecture but also the high quality stock photos in store as PicFlux seems to benefit enormously from the fact that it’s not a site lead by uploadable user content which means that there is a consistency of quality in the images due to this moderation system making searches through the catalogues much less painful and time consuming.

Long Term Use:

As already mentioned above, there is a huge library of stock images available and with the majority of them being high resolution stock photographs there is no reason not to be able to find a suitable image that is at a very affordable price point (and largely available for free) which is where it really aims to strike a blow at the more well established competition it faces in this photo market and it is this area that really makes a difference over time as the savings quickly accumulate.

On a personal note; I do try and use my own photographic material whenever I can but this isn’t always possible and since beginning this review I’ve found that although it may not be the only online portal that I use for sourcing creative photos, Picflux has quickly become my first port of call when I’m in need of some quick creative imagery to tie an article together because of the sheer breadth of choice and the simplicity of use that it offers. Perhaps this is the surest sign that it capably delivers and the biggest compliment I can bestow upon it.

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